Thursday, 6 February 2014

Clementine's Wednesday

It's February, as everybody knows a month of love. I never understood the fact, that how everybody just came to realise the importance of love on 14th of February. With huge discounts and endless offers on jewellery and selected stores people thronging in and out of shops and Malls.

I am not saying I'm not in Love or I don't believe in love. I am that person who believes love should be everyday and you don't need one day to celebrate. Though I know it doesn't make me any different, as there are many who shares the same thoughts as me. 

Anyways season of love or rather month of love is here and me being an Indian bargaining is my Strong forte and all desi's love places where they can bargain that's what made my tangy Wednesday even more tangier. After reading Kulsum Kunwa's Indian style tangerine lemonade's recipe, I was itching badly to try it out. I got good a bargain price for Clementine's at local grocery store. So here I make my Valentine' Wednesday  oops sorry Clementine's Wednesday.

I have always been mad about citruss fruits be it lemon or grapefruits or oranges, I have always enjoyed their tantalising taste on my toungue and hence I tried out Kulsum's recipe.

It was delicious here is the recipe if you do want to try it out.

Adapted from Journey Kitchen

7 clementines
1/2 lemon
Honey to taste
Rock salt or kala namak a pinch

Squeeze the juice out of clementine and lemon and pour into serving glass and mix the rest of the ingredients. Serve with ice cubes and enjoy.

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